Returning Lease cars just got easier...

...a lot easier.

Love leasing? Hate returning?

Us too, so we built an app to take all the hassle, worry, confusion..... and a lot of the cost away.

  • Wave the fully guided wondle app at your vehicle.
  • Get estimates on the lease co damage charges.
  • Organise guaranteed repair quotes from local suppliers.
  • Takes a minute and could save hundreds!

About Wondle

Wondle was built to make returning lease vehicles less stressful and much quicker.  We know that is a difficult time, with lots of knowledge, expertise and time required to get the best outcome so we built a tool to change that!

As your lease approaches its end, you can use Wondle to get an assessment of your damage, what the leasing company could charge you for it and what it would cost to get repaired before you return. It's that simple, and the best thing? It all takes less than 5 minutes. 

Imagine the time saved by not having to 

  • Manually inspect your vehicle, making detailed notes
  • Apply the fair wear and tear policy
  •  work out the costs of non-acceptable damage
  • Take photos of the vehicle - that will be effective in the case of a dispute.

 And your work would not be finished there. Then you should

  • Research local repairers
  • Narrow down to those that will guarantee the repair will be accepted.
  • Agree an appointment for an estimate
  • Book the vehicle in
  • Take the vehicle to be repaired

Or you could purchase Wondle and do ALL this in less than 5 minutes! We think that makes sense. If you do too, click on our pricing page to get started!



Percentage of leased vehicles that get a charge



Average damage charge to drivers at end of lease



Maximum size of acceptable chip

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