How Wondle Works...

it's as easy as 1... 2... 3... Learn how our process works and how you can save money when returning your car.


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Start a New Scan

Perform a scan on your lease vehicle

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Launch Web App

Register & Get Started

Registering with Wondle could not be easier. No app download is required! Just give us a few details, pay for your scan and load our web app in your mobile phone and you are away.

Scan Your Vehicle

Our Image Capture Technology is SUPER simple and fully guided, meaning you will take the images like a Pro! You are supported every step of the way. Wondle takes your images and turns them into the information you need to make the best decision for you. Ignore, Return or Repair? All in under 5 mins!


Vin Number


Reg Number



Repairs Required


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Compare Repair Costs with Penalty Estimates

Once you have done the scan we will provide you with an estimate for a GUARANTEED mobile repair to be done at your own home. Compare that against the estimated lease damage penalty costs and choose your best solution. No hassle, no worries and that warm feeling knowing you got the BEST deal possible!

Lowest Cost Everytime!

Lots of minor damage can be repaired cheaper than the leasing company penalty charges. Wondle allows you to compare this BEFORE you return your vehicle. Get the peace of mind of knowing you took the best option for you for one low price. Get the Wondle link here and find out the best option for you in under 5 minutes!


Total Repair Cost


Estimated Return Charge


Estimated Saving


What Our Customers Say...

Celia from LIverpool

I didn't know what I would be charged for the damage to my vehicle and Wondle gave me the answer. It gave me options to have it repaired and it only took a few minutes to sort it out from start to finish. Easy!

Celia from LIverpool

Nathan from Doncaster

I just wanted to get it sorted out quickly and as cheaply as possible before I returned the vehicle. I didn't want any surprises.

Nathan from Doncaster

Matt from Harpenden

I knew I had damage on the car but I didn't want to pay the Leasing company prices. I wanted help to identify the damage and get it repaired so I was in control.

Matt from Harpenden

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