Wondle Pricing

Wondle is low-cost and simple to use. It delivers cutting-edge innovation that will deliver answers fast! Choose your option below.

Wondle Personal

Discover the cheapest and fastest way to deal with lease return damage in under 5 mins.

  • Simple and fully guided. No expertise required and using Wondle is fun!
  • Worry free. Get the facts about the best way to handle your damage and relax!
  • Risk Free. Guaranteed to estimate lease penalty charges and repair costs or your money back
  • Don't waste weekends manually estimating damage charges and visiting vehicle repairers
  • Compare the saving to typical physical inspection prices of over £100.
  • Normally £29.99.
  • You may be eligible for a free scan through your leasing company. Please use the link provided by them.

£9.99 Per Scan

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Wondle For Business

Harness the power of AI damage detection for your business. Imagine the possibilities remote, engineering quality inspection can create for you.

  • Effortless integrations. No system developments needed.
  • Deploy 'Plug and Play' solution to your customers instantly. No App download required.
  • Game changing insights into vehicle condition and repair costs. Instant and low cost
  • Used for Leasing, Fleet Management, Smart Repairs, Car buying and more!

Plans from £199 pm

Wondle For Business

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