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Wondle has detected damage that is not there!

Wondle has been tuned to detect minor damage to 90-95% accuracy.  Occasionally, it may mistake dirt or light reflections for damage (just like us humans!).  It is easily solved, and the report can be manually customised from your report page. Just look for the add/delete damage buttons on the report page.

Wondle didn’t work, what do I do?

Wondle is very reliable technology, although there are some circumstances that can stop it working to its full potential. Try this troubleshooting list:

1. Was it Dark/low light?
2. Was the vehicle wet?
3. Did you stand the correct distance from the vehicle (3 to 4 feet for initial images and 10 to 15 inches for damage close ups)
4. Did you have a good wifi connection or could your connection be moving from mobile data to house/office wifi? This interupts the upload.
5. Do you have lots of browser tabs open or did you close the browser before the upload had finished.
6. Were you interrupted while completing the inspection?

These are the most common answers to issues, If the answer was yes to any of these, try again with the issue not present. If that doesn’t work or the answer to these questions is no then please contact us at support@wondle.io and we will get right on it.

It’s raining, how should I do my inspection?

Just like Human vision, rain distorts the reality and so if you are short on time and cannot wait for it to stop raining then our advice would be to find an empty indoor car park somewhere, wipe down the vehicle, let it dry for a while and, safely, try in there. The scan will work fairly well in light rain but could miss very minor damage such as light scratches, especially on boots and bonnets, So it’s better if you can wait for the rain to stop and use natural daylight. 

I want things other than cosmetic damage repairing on my vehicle, what should i do?

No problem, Wondle will still quote for the cosmetic damage but if you need parts or interior work conducted then you will have to wait for a body shop quote. Wondle has access to competitive bodyshop rates and guaranteed workmanship. You can contact us directly on support@wondle.io if you have a specific enquiry.

I cannot take photos after I have launched a scan

It sounds like it could be a compatibility issue with your phone. Most mobile phones from 2018 onwards are compatible   If you need help please send us a note to help@wondle.io and we will get back to you with some options.

I can take photos within Wondle but it wont upload or just hangs

  1. It could be a connectivity/ wifi issue. It is essential that the data connection remains stable through the scan.  If the device switches between the home/office wifi and the mobile network, it can interrupt the connection.  
  2. Likewise, if the network signal is very weak, it may upload very slowly.
  3. If you have taken images not of the vehicle, this may slow or interrupt the process.

On average, results take around 4-7 minutes. If you do not get results within 30 mins, then we would recommend that you rescan or you can email support@wondle.io and they will get back to you with some options.

Wondle has identified chargeable damage that I think is within acceptable standards.

Wondle looks for all minor damage and indicates a range of possible charges. We also do this for marginal cases where the damage is very close to the charging threshold, only the final physical inspection from your leasing company is the definitive report. However, where there is an instance of borderline damage it’s worth making a more detailed assessment of the damage using measurement and the criteria contained in the BVRLA fair wear and tear guide.  If it is within acceptable standards, your leasing provider will not charge for it, in line with BVRLA guidelines.

How It Works

What sort of damage does Wondle not detect?

Wondle is fine tuned to detect exterior cosmetic and light damage. It cannot see beyond the metal, so sensors and technical equipment that may have been damaged in a minor damage incident cannot be detected. Your in-car operating systems should be capable of delivering any malfunction messaging to you, if you are in doubt please contact your main dealer for advice. Wondle does not detect interior damage or tyre damage, so please check these manually.

What’s the difference between a repair cost and a penalty charge?

With Wondle there are 2 important financial numbers used. Firstly, the penalty charge, this is Wondle’s estimate of the charges the damage is likely to incur from the leasing company upon final inspection. We use industry data from the top leasing companies to give a range (they all have different approaches so we blend to give an estimated range). The second is the repair charge, this is our estimate of the cost to repair the damage to an acceptable standard. This data is taken from quality, guaranteed repair networks.

Why don’t you automatically price ‘Excessive Damage’?

Excessive Damage is a category of damage which has exceed ‘cosmetic’ or ‘light damage’. This means the repair work would be more suitable for an Accident Repair Body Shop. Due to the complexity of repairing modern vehicles, this requires a skilled technician to perform a full quotation process before providing you with an estimate. This will be done very quickly but not instantly as with our other pricing.

How does Wondle work?

Wondle allows users to take high quality images of their vehicle and any damage to it. These images are then processed through a clever Artificial Intelligence model which identifies damage, this then goes into the Wondle algorithm which calculates the potential lease penalty charges and the alternative repair costs. All this is then provided to you to decide which option is best for you, return and pay any potential penalties, or repair pre-return and potentially save money and worry

How does Wondle estimate Leasing or finance company penalty charges?

Wondle collates industry data from the biggest leasing companies and correlates them with damage detection categories using our unique algorithms. Whilst all leasing companies agree on what is acceptable (Fair wear and Tear), when it comes to unacceptable damage (non-Fair Wear and Tear), they all have different methods and prices for different types of damages so this gets quite complicated! Wondle simplifies this process and gives a narrow range where we think your damage will fall, we have a high degree of confidence it won’t be above or below the range estimate provided.

How did Wondle Pick it’s repair network?

Through our experience of working with fleets, we understand the importance of working with partners who provide quality service and a competitive price. We also understand the importance of working with companies who invest in their people, processes and systems to ensure their services continue to meet and exceed customers ever-evolving expectations. As such, we only work with companies who are able to meet these criteria before we introduce them to our valued customers.

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What does Wondle cost?

Wondle is priced to ensure you get great value. It delivers real peace of mind and gives you the power of choice over your damaged vehicle for just £29.99. If you are not happy, for any reason, then we will give you a full refund (T&C’s apply)

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