What's the Point? (or is leasing good?)

26th Oct 2022

Everyone knows everything about leasing vehicles, right? I mean, those contracts, they are simple, nothing to worry about, nothing ever goes wrong.......wait......what?

The truth is, we love leasing vehicles at wondle. We love it's convenience, we love the incredible bargains the industry throws up and we love always being in a new(ish) vehicle. But it's not perfect, it does have aspects which need to be managed if you don't want problems (and extra cost), down the line.

We have spent a lifetime around leased cars on all aspects of them and we have learned a thing or two and so we will place them on here for your perusal and you can do as you wish with the information.

"We have spent a lifetime around leased cars, on all aspects of them, and we have learned a thing or two and so we will place them on here for your perusal"

We talk mostly about avoiding the pitfalls, especially around end of contract charges but we also talk about how the industry works, who does what and why and we reflect on the common mistakes and the potential big wins (Woohoo!) that can be achieved. We chat about how to manage the vehicle during the contract, including what you usually can do and what you should never do! How to prepare to send the vehicle back, to minimise hassle and cost, and what to do if you end up in an argument with the leasing company, or repairer, or broker, or dealer (You get the point!) There is so much to know about this topic and so few places to gain the information independently, so here we are.

We will help you play it like a pro!

That's the point.

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